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Sex Drive Stealer: Anemia

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Just before now, there was little proof that anemia can affect female libido, however, researches have shown that low Iron levels in the blood can cause several health problems including low sex drive. When you suffer from anemia, your blood will not carry sufficient oxygen to your vital organs (including your sex organs) and the result of this is low female libido.

It is quite easy to suspect that you are suffering from anemia, symptoms such as loss of concentration, continuous migraine or headache, light headedness, depression and dizziness, can impact your general health quality. Iron loss in women can occur in women through a number of ways, these include; internal or external bleeding , menstruation and even bleeding gum. It is important that women check their blood iron levels especially when they have just suffered from a condition that resulted in bleeding.

Aside bleeding, anemia can also occur as a result of the body’s inability to manufacture sufficient red blood cells, or when red blood cells rapidly die out before they can be replaced by new ones. Your body needs sufficient Iron to make hemoglobin which affects your female libido directly and when a woman suffer from injuries, colon polyps, or ulcer, then her iron levels may be depleted and that can cause low blood pressure which in turn can cause low sex drive. Women who have just undergone a surgery may also lose substantial blood likewise, eating foods that are low in Iron can cause anemia.

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Dealing with Anemia and boosting your libido

Many women consume Iron-rich foods; however, some diseases such as Crohn’s and Celiac can cause their bodies’ inability to absorb such Iron. If you are unsure of what is causing your anemia, you should consider having some test, to ensure that your body is absorbing sufficient Iron, and your female libido can be restored. Low levels of VitaminB12 (Foliate) have also been linked with anemia. Your body needs sufficient amount of Vitamin B12 to make enough red blood cells, and ensure that your nervous system is working at its optimal levels. You need to check that your body is not suffering from auto-immune disorder, a condition that can make your body absorb less Vitamin B12.

If you are not suffering from an immune disorder then you need to change your diet and consume foods rich in Vitamin B12. If you anemia is caused by underlying diseases such as Kidney infections, then you need to ensure that such problems are adequately treated in order to restore your female libido. If you have just underwent surgery recently, you may likely lose sufficient amount of blood which can cause anemia , hence you need to speak to your physician about how you can take enough rest and boost your Iron levels back through dietary or supplementary ways- this will help boost your female libido and also help your body heal faster. The earlier you recognize symptoms of anemia such as tightness or pains in chest, light-headedness, irregular heartbeat, pale skin and numbness, the quicker you must get help.

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