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Sex Drive Stealer: Being In A Long-Term Relationship

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A 2012 relationship survey indicated that most women tend to lose their female libido when they spend longer time in a monogamous sexual relationship, however most men involved in the study did not have the same problem. The 2012 study involved females within ages 18 and 25 , and the authors of the research were able to discover that factors such as social pressures, may be the main reason why long term relationship caused low sex drive in women. While most women under-estimate their female libido, men on the other hand may overstate their sex drive.

Being in a long term relationship may have some psychological effect on the se drive of most women, especially when they keep doing things the same old way, instead of bringing some spices into their affairs. Cheating is not the solution to low sex drive caused by being in a long term relationship, rather, making some simple changes can actually help women renew their interests in such relationships. Being in a long term relationship can make you lose interest also if you are your partner do not explore new bedroom techniques.

How to boost your sex drive and remain in a long term relationship

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Rather than contemplating dumping your partner for a new lover, you should consider different ways to spike up your old relationship and make it more interesting. When you introduce new tricks into your relationship, you will not only get back your female libido, you will also restore your confidence in your partner. You need to sit your partner down and explain your feelings to him about the relationship and together you can explore new ways of doing things.

Changing your environment is another way to bring back the spark in your relationship. If you have been making love on the same bed for the past 10 years, its time you plan a vacation in another city or country and try as much as possible to reconnect and bring the flame back. You will notice that your female libido will receive a boost even by changing your environment completely. A regular getaway vacation will help you visit many places, and have fun without the regular distractions from work, family and friends. You should try and plan your getaway vacation in a serene environment to create the perfect condition to reconnect with your partner.

Being in a long-term relationship is healthy because it helps you stay protected from sexually transmitted disease, and with a long term companion, it is easier to achieve things and even raise a healthy family. Getting your female libido back is important and not changing from a long term relationship because you can’t predict the challenges you will face with a new partner. If your long term partner is your problem, then you should communicate with him rather than quarrel over an issue that can be resolved amicably. If all alternatives do not work, then moving out of your long term relationship may be the best option to take.

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