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Sex Drive Stealer: Being Young

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Being too young may actually affect your female libido, the reason being that, you will want to explore your youthfulness and that may trigger several unhealthy habits including unhealthy sexual habits. According to a new survey , women within ages 27 and 45 had more sexual fantasies and more active sex lives than women within ages 18 and 26 , hence if you are still young and you have low female libido, one possible cure for your situation is “Time”- as you mature, you will outgrow your low sex drive. As a young lady, you want to attend that special Prom night and even go on partying occasionally on weekends- your hormones are beginning to act at this stage, however, you don’t want to mess up your life because your parents may disown you if you fell pregnant.

Being young can expose you to lots of positive and negative things. Between ages 18 and 27, you will probably still be focusing on your studies, and trying to make good grades, hence you may not have a long term relationship. Secondly, most females within this group will be cautious of having sexually active relationships because they don’t want to get caught in unwanted pregnancies; hence they try to stay away from men. Young ladies in their teenage years are just beginning to get use to their bodies and their parents will normally tell them about the dangers of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, hence they are cautious about how they relate to opposite sex.

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Dealing with being too young and your sex drive

If you are still young and you are bothered about losing your female libido, then you should not worry because, with time, you will get to mature into the woman you always want to be. It is important that you focus on your education and how to become a successful person, however, you should also learn about what to expect in the future- this will help you prepare more without tampering with your sex drive. Learning more about how your body will transform from a young body into a full-blown and sexually active one, will help you prepare yourself when you finally meet the man of your dreams.

As a young lady, who is too young to be sexually active, you must try as much as possible to stay away from contraceptives and some other pills that can cause long term damages to your female libido when you are fully matured to start a sexually active life. It is believed that certain birth control pills , when used for a long period of time may increase the risk of a woman to cancer aside the fact that such pills can destroy female libido. New researches have shown that young females who protect themselves effectively at younger ages often end up having more sexually-fulfilling relationships and higher sex drive compared to younger ladies who messed up themselves sexually when they were younger. To achieve longer female libido, stay away from sex in your teen and pre-teen years.

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