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Sex Drive Stealer: Menopause

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Menopause is one of the causes of low female libido and the reason being that, sex hormones decrease immediately after a woman reaches menopause, hence it is a natural issue, but can still be dealt with perfectly. Most women will start to witness a decrease in their sexual desires in their mid-life, while many still don’t notice any significant decrease. Menopause often result in the loss of Estrogen hormones, and this condition will not only decrease the female libido but also affect a woman’s mood.

Not all women witness the same level of sex drive decrease at menopause, such symptoms will vary depending on some other factors such as the lifestyle of the individual. Aside low sex drive, Menopause can also trigger other issues such as vaginal dryness, Insomnia and mood swings- these can interfere severely with the way women enjoy intercourse. Low Estrogen level brought about by menopause can cause a sharp decline in the supply of blood to the vaginal tissues, and this can cause excessive difficulty in the natural lubrication of the sensitive parts. Hot flashes, headache, stress and depression are some other primary issues associated with menopause and these can further reduce sex drive in women.

Dealing with menopause to increase your female libido

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In most cases, dealing with the symptoms of menopause is the best possible way of increasing female libido while passing through such stage. Estrogen therapy is one of the advanced medical treatments offered to women suffering from low sex drive. The estrogen therapy comes in different forms, including; gels, patches, or spray, however, excessive use of this therapy has been linked with some other medical conditions such as Uterine cancer. Medical experts suggest that women who do not have serious Menopausal symptoms should desist from using Estrogen therapy to treat low female libido.

If successfully applied Estrogen therapy can boost the estrogen hormones in the body and also provide a mood boost for women who still want to enjoy intercourse with their partner at the menopause age. Aside the Estrogen therapy, common issues such as vaginal dryness can be effectively treated with the use of recommended lubricants. If you feel your low female libido is caused by vaginal dryness, you can apply a lubricant few minutes before intercourse and you wouldn’t feel any pain while enjoying intimacy with your partner.

If menopause is causing mood swings in your body, you should consider some natural body healing therapies, such as yoga and Ayurveda- these activities have been found to be very helpful in elevating the mood positively. Counseling may be your first option towards the eradication of some of the symptoms of menopause especially those that affect female libido. You need to adjust your lifestyle accordingly by eating healthy diets and reduce your intake of alcohol and coffee and other foods that can aggravate the symptoms of menopause. If you can learn to cope with most menopause symptoms, then you can protect your sex drive from being affected negatively by such symptoms.

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