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Sex Drive Stealer: Super-Busy Social Life

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We are all busy with one thing or the other, hence your super busy life should not be the reason why your female libido is so low. Have you ever wondered why some women have busy schedules, yet they still manage to engage in regular physical activities? They simply created time out of their super busy life to enjoy intimacy with their partners. Going out is fun and it is very important that you keep track of your friends and network at large, but you need to keep in mind that doing too much at a time without relaxing can trigger stress, anxiety and fatigue which can cause sharp decline in your sex drive .

When you allow sex to take the back seat, you will find it extremely difficult to maintain a stable intimacy with your partner. The reason why most couples find it difficult to achieve steady intimate relationships is that they only relegate the bedroom time to the background and they enjoy the company of each other only when they feel the urge to have intercourse.

Having a super-busy social life means different things to different people, for some, a social life simply means spending time with friends, and family members, while younger ones are busy with the social media networks. Most adult women will normally attend different occasions especially on weekends, these could be weddings, funerals, birthdays or corporate launchings, they tend to derive more pleasure doing such things that being intimate with their partners, hence they are just too tired to spend the night in the arms of their loved ones.

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Dealing with super-busy social life and sex drive

You need to acknowledge the fact that you don’t have to be at every social gathering or meet up with every social function always, you need to create time for other things. You need to set aside a special time where you can spend a quiet time with your partner and when you do this, make sure your phone and other electronic gadgets that connects you to the outside world , are all switched off. If possible you can delegate some of your social responsibilities to your friends and colleagues – this will put off much pressure off your shoulder, and help you maintain a healthy female libido.

If you are trying to promote your business on social media network, you should consider downloading a social media network management app, that can help you manage your social media profiles more effectively- such apps are designed to update profiles automatically and you can even get notifications on comments and key messages.

If you are too busy to organize special night outs with your partner, then you should consider your home as an alternate avenue for that. You can get some romantic candles in your dining room or kitchen area and make special meals where you can spend quality time with your partner. When you do this occasionally, you will gradually get your mind off your usual social engagements and focus more on your female libido and your partner.

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