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Sex Drive Stealer: Illness

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We all suffer from one illness or the other at different times of our lives, but the way we manage such illnesses can help us protect our sex drives. You may have low female libido if you have flu for instance, or if you suffer from more serious conditions such as obesity, heart disease, mental disorder or sexually transmitted disease. You may also suffer from low female libido if you have some sexual dysfunction problems such as erectile dysfunction or infertility. Some infections can make you lose interest in sex temporary and when such illnesses have been treated effectively, your sex drive comes back to life.

While temporary illnesses can be effectively treated with medications or some other natural therapies, some long term diseases may require that you stay on medications for a very long time and such may have permanent impact on your sex drive. Some illnesses do not cause low female libido but the medications used in treating them may interfere with sex hormones and cause temporary loss of interest in enjoying intimacy with your partner. Conditions such as Hyperthyroidism have direct impact on sexual activity because they have direct impact on the nervous system and, but they can be easily treated.

Dealing With illnesses and sex drive

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Treating any underlying illness is the most important way to get your female libido high. You need to speak to your doctor about the alternative treatment options you have, in dealing with your condition. You need to know for how long you need to take certain medications, especially when such medications can lead side effects. Some illnesses do not require long term medications, this will help you avoid any condition that can lead to negative side effects on your female libido. If possible try and discontinue the use of medications for Insomnia and get alternative treatments in order to avoid such medications interacting with your Estrogen and Testosterone.

Illnesses can slow down your central nervous system and that is when you start feeling sluggish and fatigued. The condition does not only cause low female libido, but also affect your concentration at work, school and other obligations. Some illnesses such as Thyroid malfunction can be easily detected and treated, while some issues such as diabetes require long time management, hence making positive lifestyle changes can help you reverse some of the illnesses that can cause low female libido. Many illnesses are caused by the body’s reaction to certain allergens, and you may try and talk to your doctor about incorporating diagnosis for certain allergens that can make impact on your sex drive.

Certain illnesses are caused by stress, anxiety and depression, and you don’t require any medication to deal with such, aside eliminating the real underlying causes of such issues. Stress, anxiety and depression can be handled through holistic treatment approaches such as Ayurveda treatments and your life can return to normal. Some anxiety and stress issues may only require that you visit a psychologist.

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