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Sex Drive Stealer: Snoring

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Snoring is a common problem in both men and women and can cause low female libido because it interferes with regular healthy sleeping patterns. Snoring is actually one of the symptoms of insomnia, and it occurs especially when air does not have a free passage way through the nose, and mouth while you sleep. Snoring is caused by the partial blockage or narrowing of the air passage way probably due to the soft tissues underlying your throat or due to the posture of your sleep.

In some cases, the way you position your pillow underneath your head may be the reason why you snore, and in most cases, overweight people usually experience snoring more than those with average of thin built bodies. Abnormalities in the structure of some tissues supporting air passage in your throat can cause them to collapse when you are in a relaxed position, and that can cause snoring. The extent of snoring varies from one individual to another, likewise the deepness in snoring- while some people only snore for few seconds and return to their normal breathing state, others can snore continuously for hours. Snoring has been indirectly linked with lower testosterone production- a condition that can lead to lower female libido.

In some cases, ageing can cause snoring, it is believed that as you reach your middle age, your throat may become narrower, while the muscle tones around it decreases. Your body built may also determines whether you will snore or not. Men naturally have narrower air passage ways than women, hence they possess cleft palate as well as enlarged adenoids, all these could be hereditary and contribute to higher chances of snoring. Those who possess nasal or sinus problems can make inhalation of air even more difficult and that could cause them to snore loudly and when such interrupt their sleep, they may suffer low female libido.

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Dealing with snoring and low female libido

If you consume alcohol excessively, or take certain medications, your muscles may relax excessively and when you go to bed immediately after such alcohol intake, you may end up snoring as your muscles cannot support regular breathing. You need to cut down on your alcohol intake to reduce your chances of snoring, and do not take alcohol and certain medications before you retire to bed.

If your sleeping position is causing you to snore then you need to change it. When you sleep flat on your back, it can cause the muscles and flesh around your throat to relax and unable to support the air passage way in your throat. You should train your body to sleep by the sides or face down, in order to avoid snoring and boost your female libido.

If you are dealing with issues such as flu and sinusitis, you need to consult your physician immediately to get medication that can treat such infection so that the air passage way along your throat can be cleared and your sleep pattern can return to normal- this will help you sleep better and your female libido is restored effectively.

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