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Sex Drive Stealer: Dehydration

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Dehydration can be triggered in your body in diverse forms but the commonest form you may become dehydrated is when you do not take sufficient fluids- most especially water. Many women don’t take the issue of dehydration seriously; they simply think it’s not a big deal whereas scientific research have linked dehydration to low levels of fluids in the body to low female libido. Dehydration does not only cause migraines or headaches, it can also result in other problems such as Vaginal dryness, and that can even make sexual intercourse more painful while it becomes very hard to achieve orgasm.

Water is the best hydrating liquid in the world today and it helps the body in a number of ways. Water helps to flush out harmful toxins from the body thereby reducing your chances of getting infections. Secondly, water can speed up the transfer of nutrients all across the body, and make such nutrients get to the most difficult places where they are needed. Aside from water, you can consume fresh fruit juices made from raw fruits and vegetables- these will nourish your body with essential vitamins and minerals that can boost your body’s metabolism and strengthen your immune system- this in turn will support healthy female libido.

The body becomes easily dehydrated in a number of ways, when you exercise a lot, your body loses water, and will need constant replenishment. You may also lose more moisture from your skin, especially during hot weather conditions. Water is necessary to replenish the skin and helps it avoid dryness while maintaining its smooth and silky texture. The use of certain medications can also result in loss of moisture. If you take certain medications and you have dry or sore throat for instance, you need to watch such medications as they may eventually lead to low female libido when you do not replenish loss water.

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Dealing with dehydration and low sex drive

No matter how busy you are all through the day, you need to aim at consuming a minimum of 6 pints a day. If you exercise a lot, you may need to consume more than 6 pints of water a day to replenish loss fluids. Exercising can help you shed fat, but the dehydration it may cause may eventually affect your sex drive. If you stay in a hot and humid weather condition, you may have to take a water-bottle everywhere you go, just to ensure that you do not suffer from exhaustion caused by dehydration. The faster you replace lost fluids the more hydrated your body becomes and your female libido can be effectively protected.

If your medications are causing dehydration, you should speak to your physician about the possibilities of discontinuing such medications, especially when they are affecting your regular daily activities. Low female libido has been reported in individuals who take sleep aids, and certain infection treatment medications, however, such individuals witnessed significant boost in their female libido once they discontinue or reduce the dosages of such medications.

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