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Sex Drive Stealer: Sugar

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Sugar is the number one culprit when it comes to the development of certain infections in the body. Sugar has been linked with diseases such as Diabetes, obesity and low female libido. As bad as sugar may sound, the body still needs some quantities of it to survive, however in a very small amount. Excessive sugar consumption has been linked with poor skin appearances, and has also been linked with poor nutrient absorption.

Sugar has been linked with low testosterone in the body and this can lead to low se drive in both men and women. In men, high sugar intake has been linked with Insulin resistance- a condition that can lead to low secretion of certain hormones. When your body becomes insulin resistance, your body sugar levels will become difficult to manage. When sugar levels are high in the body, your muscle mass will be lowered, and you may end up developing more belly fat. The excessive deposits of fats in your body will decrease your testosterone levels and this will lead to low sex drive alongside some trouble in getting or sustaining long-lasting erections.

If you consume more sugary foods such as sweetened beverages, your tendencies of developing various sugar related problems. Sugar can make you get tired easily. When you consume sugar through High Glycemic foods, your body will secret more insulin, and this can lead to cravings for more foods and when you yield to the craving, you will end up eating more and become too fatigue to perform sexually. This low female libido may be accompanied by brain fog, and decreased secretion of the hormone- Orexin-an hormone that helps manage fatigue.

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Dealing with Sugar consumption and low sex drive

High sugar levels in the blood can trigger anxiety and stress, when you are stressed and excessively anxious, you become tired even to perform sexually. The bad thing about sugar foods is that, you will feel full after eating even a large piece but crave for the same food about an hour later. When your sugar level increases, your insulin levels will also increase in order to bring the sugar levels down, and then you will feel hungry again- the continuous eating of sugary foods may lead to several issues such as brain fog, mood swings, and depression- all these will lead to low female libido and your inability to achieve orgasm when necessary.

You need to reduce your intake of high sugar foods, in order to maintain a healthy sex drive. If you consume too much carbonated beverages, you need to reduce such because they have high impact on your female libido. Replace your sugary snacks with healthy fruits and vegetables, this will ensure that your body does not produce too much insulin and you will not develop insulin-resistant system. Make sure you go for blood sugar test to ascertain whether you have insulin-resistance blood. Try as much as possible to reduce your consumption of processed foods because they contain hidden sugars and may not be healthy for your overall health.

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