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Sex Drive Stealer: Infertility

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Sex can become boring for some couples who are struggling with infertility issues. Infertility can come in different ways, and one of its effects is low female libido. When couples are suffering from infertility issues, they start to handle sex as a regimented issue, and the whole show becomes un-romantic, unlike what it used to be when they started dating.

The emotional toll that infertility struggles bring can further diminish the interest that couples have in sex. Fertility issues can occur as a result of the inability of your partner to produce healthy sperms that can fertilize the eggs released from your ovaries. It may also occur as a result of lack of healthy sexual intercourse or some underlying infections that might have damaged some vital parts of your reproductive organs.

The good thing about infertility is that it is a problem that can be tackled and resolved in many ways. If infertility is caused by some unhealthy lifestyles such as excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse, or poor diets, then you need to make changes accordingly in order to reverse infertility.

Dealing with infertility issues and low sex drive

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No matter how passionately you want kids, you need to resolve the issues underlying fertility and how to get upturn your low female libido first. You must not try to get obsessed with fertility issues to the extent that your regular pleasurable sex routine becomes affected negatively. You may need to cut back on some unhealthy lifestyle habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and drug abuse to cure some infertility issues.

Excessive alcohol consumption for instance has been linked with low sex hormones secretion, especially testosterone, and low sex hormones can lead to low female libido. In some cases, a doctor may recommend that your partner start taking testosterone supplements for a while in order to boost healthy sperms that can fertilize the eggs. In addition to this, healthy dietary intake of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals are also recommended to boost fertility in both men and women.

If past unhealthy lifestyles such as masturbation are responsible for fertility issues, then you may have to seek some psychological help in order to restore your body to restore your female libido to a healthy state where you can enjoy sex and achieve pregnancy. It is believed that masturbation in men will normally reduce the volume and quality of semen after a while, however abstaining from such practices will help bring back semen volume and quality- a condition necessary for fertility to take place.

Advance infertility treatments such as Insemination can also be recommended to couples battling with the issue of getting pregnant. Insemination may involve the use of certain healthy sperm transfer into the body of the woman to increase the chances of the sperm fertilizing the egg. Some women may suffer low female libido after engaging in insemination due to some psychological beliefs - you should know that mechanical infertility treatments are temporary, safe and healthy, hence they must not interfere with your healthy female libido.

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