even affect how couples get intimate with each other. If you or your spouse has recently undergone chemotherapy, surgery or some forms of chronic pain, then there are possibilities that the body may be..."> 

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Sex Drive Stealer: Physical Constraints Or Limitations

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There are so many physical constraints or limitations that can cause low female libido and even affect how couples get intimate with each other. If you or your spouse has recently undergone chemotherapy, surgery or some forms of chronic pain, then there are possibilities that the body may be temporary indispose to intercourse. If you have some post-pregnancy complications such as those that occur after a caesarian operation, your body may have to spend time healing before you can get involved in any rigorous physical activity- for instance, practicing certain sexual positions may be risky or painful.

Physical constrains or limitations may be temporary or permanent, hence you need to consider the temporary or long term of such injuries before you return to your sexual lifestyle. Certain surgical procedures are invasive, if you have undergone a breast enlargement for instance, it may take a while before your partner can touch your sensitive breasts , hence you must find ways by which there will be no contact with the part of the body that has just been treated. Certain medications may also affect female libido for a long time , especially when such medications cause you to sleep at night. Patients who are medically induced may also find themselves not being able to have sexual intercourse for a long time , and in this situation the other partner will have to wait until her full recovery before any intercourse can happen.

Dealing with physical constraints or limitations, and sex drive

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Your partner and yourself need to sit down and discuss about these limitations, an understanding of these limitations or constraints can help both of you find alternative and creative ways to engage in fulfilling sexual desires- these new creative ways must be sustainable and practicable in order to ensure that you can practice them for a very long time. Instead of cheating against each other, it is important that you work out new ways to satisfy your urge so that you don’t create more complications to the already tensed situation.

If you anticipate that a physical constraint or limitation may occur in the future , or before you go for a medical treatment, it will be ideal to explain to your partner so that he can prepare for any eventuality and to ensure that such treatments will not cause a permanent strain in your relationship. Not every limitations or constraints affect female libido, it all depends on how well you can manage your recovery and the type of treatment you undergo, hence you should have a serious talk with your health care service provider about your expectations after the treatment.

Recovery time varies from one medical conditions to the other. In case of a short term recovery from an Injury, your female libido should not be affected, and your partner can simply wait until you fully recover, however, permanent injuries may affect your sex drive on a long term hence you need to work out alternative and creative ways to enjoy intercourse without aggravating your injuries or conditions.

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