exercise- these problems include sexual dysfunction problems such as low female libido. Exercise is believed to release the hormone-Serotonin, an hormone that..."> 

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Sex Drive Stealer: Lack Of Exercise

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The risks of developing many health issues and complications can be reduced significantly when we exercise- these problems include sexual dysfunction problems such as low female libido. Exercise is believed to release the hormone-Serotonin, an hormone that create the “Feel good” mood in the brain, likewise exercises can help your body circulate blood quickly through your muscles and vital organs when blood pressure increases- circulation of blood to your vital organs will naturally increase your female libido and may provide a cure for certain sexual dysfunction issues.

According to a recent research at the University of Texas, United States of America, involving 35 women aged between 18 and 34. Those found to engage in regular exercise cycles were found to be 169% more sexually excited when faced with sexual images that those who didn’t exercise before the research was conducted. According to a Harvard school of Public health publication, some regular 20 to 30 minutes of daily exercises can cut the risk of erectile dysfunction in men by as much as 50% , and high female libido has also been linked with regular physical activities.

Lack of physical activities can trigger a number of problems, you can become overweight, secondly , your blood pressure remains high and your blood sugar and cholesterol may remain high, hence you may develop certain medical complications in addition to low female libido. When you engage in moderate to high physical activities, your heart rate increases and more blood are pumped into your vital organs-including your sex organs and your sex drive is instantly increased. Lack of exercise with other poor unhealthy lifestyle can cause long term low female libido and that may frustrate your partner from having sexual intercourse with you.

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Dealing with lack of exercise and low sex drive

The best possible way to deal with lack of physical activities is to create a time out of your busy schedules. If you resume at work early in the morning, then you can engage in a physical activity in the evening – some few hours before you retire to bed, this will help boost your female libido because your heart pumps more blood through your veins and into your vital organs. Regular physical activity will also support your body’s actions to get rid of toxins that may be contributing to your low female libido because you consume more water when you engage in regular physical activities.

There are several options of exercising, you can engage in muscle training or cardiovascular workouts with one or more activity machine. You should also consider simple exercises such as brisk walking instead of jogging or running. You may also consider taking the staircase instead of using elevators to your office or even walk to the park on weekends. A combination of simple physical activities can boost your female libido, and you don’t have to engage in strenuous activities to boost your sex drive. Lack of physical activities is one of the main reasons why most couples don’t get aroused by foreplay and some other sexually stimulating activities.

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