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Sex Drive Stealer: Bad Smells

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Bad smells affect female libido, and that is why many women can’t stand men who sweat and have bad breathe. The brain is one of the most important sex organ because that is where you reproductive behaviours come from. Just as we are obsessed with how we look through the use of our senses of touch and sight, we also use our sense of smell to evaluate ourselves. The odours and scents around animals have been linked with how we mate, and that is why fragrances and perfumes have been developed to attract or seduce the opposite sex. The sense of smell has been associated with erotic feelings, hence it can be used in stimulating sexual response.

In males, the hormone Pheromone and the female Androstenol have been found to be subtle and produce the natural scents that attract us to each other. The hormones Pheromone and Androstenol are usually activated when men and women reach the age of puberty. People will normally respond to the smell of their partners and this is why the female libido is quite sensitive because it goes down immediately the smell is not right .In some cases, females who suffer from a condition known as “Anosmia” may suffer from low female libido because they have problems identifying one odour from the other.

Dealing with bad smells and sex drive

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Good oral hygiene is the first thing to consider, especially for men who find it difficult to attract women. Men must strive to brush their mouth at least twice a day (once in the morning and late in the evening). Both partners must brush their mouth before retiring to bed, so that bad breath doesn’t trigger rejection. Bad breathe irritates both men and women, hence both of you will need to maintain good oral hygiene. Secondly, you need to have you bath shortly before retiring to bed- this will ensure that your body’s temperature is regulated and will also help you remove odours from sweating.

There are quite a number of body sprays, antiperspirants, roll-on and perfumes that can help you cover up some smells, especially when such smells are genetic and will also help you avoid low female libido. It is important that you help your man choose the perfect antiperspirants that will put you in the mood for intimacy anytime.

Foods such as garlic, chili pepper and other spicy foods can cause sweating and that can trigger some odour. If you love eating too much spicy foods then you may have to eat them in the morning or afternoon and not few hours before you retire to bed with your partner. If you exercise a lot , then you need to shower with a good smelling soap before you retire to bed- do not use medicated soaps before going to bed because they can dry out your skin, especially if you have a sensitive skin. You should consider shaving your armpit and some other parts of your body because they can harbour bacteria and cause foul smells that kill female libido.

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