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Sex Drive Stealer: Fatigue

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Fatigue is one of the reasons why many women abstain from sex . Fatigue is surely one of the most prominent physical killers of female libido. Fatigue is also one of the most commonly reported symptoms of menopause with over 81% of women reporting the problem. It can be very difficult to pinpoint how fatigue affects female libido but fatigue can be triggered through a number of causes; work stress, family demands, social obligations and weather conditions can cause fatigue- even minor issues such as communing to work every day can cause fatigue which in turn can turn down female sex drive.

Hormonal changes can cause fatigue and such condition can be aggravated by illnesses and some other menopause symptoms. In order to deal with fatigue more effectively, it is important to understand some of the signs and symptoms as well as causes of fatigue. Fatigue is associated with other symptoms such as tiredness , weakness, and low energy levels. While fatigue can be a symptom of menopause in woman, a more serious condition known as Chronic fatigue syndrome- this problem can cause long term low sex drive if not properly treated. There are a lot of mental and physical symptoms of fatigue, a woman undergoing menopause for instance may constantly feel short bursts of low energy.

The mental characteristics of fatigue include; decreased attention or concentration, irritability, Apathy, memory lapses and reduced wakefulness. Physical features of extreme fatigue include; Muscle fatigue, drowsiness, and low physical activities. Fatigue can be very frustrating because it affects the mind and body. Aside hormonal changes, other main causes of fatigue include; Thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, sleep apnea, psychological illnesses, depression, heart disease, anemia, and depression.

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Dealing with Fatigue and low sex drive

If fatigue is affecting your female libido, you should consider going for a medical checkup. Your fatigue may not be caused by hormonal changes but adrenal fatigue or thyroid dysfunction- all these can be treated easily even if they have started affecting your sex drive. You need to consider your risk factors to aggravated fatigue syndrome; these risk factors include; allergies, abuse of caffeine, alcohol or drugs, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and boredom.

The first step towards treating fatigue is making healthy changes to your lifestyle, and these changes include dietary changes, and exercising. There are quite a number of pharmaceutical options to consider, however, you need to ensure that such medications will not trigger any side effects. In the United States of America, it is believed that more than 36% of adults over the age of 18 use some form of alternative treatments or the other to deal with fatigue, however, more than half of these reported that they have side effects especially when the medications are used for more than 6 months. For this reason, you have to be careful when choosing medications to treat fatigue so that your female libido will not be affected while treating fatigue.

Try as much as possible to increase your water consumption to detox your body from harmful toxins – one of the causes of chronic fatigue.

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