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Sex Drive Stealer: Estrogen Deficiency

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Estrogen deficiency is the number one hormone deficiency cause of low female libido. Low estrogen levels can cause fatigue and make you become depressed with little or no interest in intimacy with your man. Estrogen deficiency can cause a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological issues especially when a woman reaches the menopausal age. Estrogen deficiency are not common until a woman attains the age of 40 or over, and most of these symptoms show few years before or after menopause begins.

Estrogen plays a vital role in female libido, and overall sexuality. Estrogen increase female sexual sensitivity, and it works to ensure that the vaginal walls are adequately lubricated to ensure that sex is not painful and maximum pleasure is attained. Estrogen hormones also ensure that women maintain healthy vaginal tissues. as women approach menopause, their bodies start producing less estrogen alongside some other key hormones, and the loss of these hormones can contribute to a whole number of other factors that can lead to low female libido.

A drop in the estrogen hormone levels can trigger hot flashes, irregular menstrual periods, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. With these symptoms, a woman may not be able to find sex appealing again but when the situation is not handled carefully, her partner may start having unhealthy sexual intercourse with other women. Secondly, low estrogen levels in women can expose them to a number of sexually transmitted diseases, because their vaginal does not get enough moisture. Low estrogen levels are also characterized by other symptoms such as headache, insomnia and constant agitation or irritation especially to warm weather conditions and several other environmental factors.

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Dealing with Estrogen deficiency and low sex drive

If low Estrogen levels are affecting your female libido then you must consult your physician, he may recommend some hormone supplements that can help boost your estrogen levels. You need to be careful with this therapy because not everyone suffering from estrogen deficiency will require estrogen supplements- some women may have low estrogen levels, but not too low to take supplements. In addition to estrogen supplements, a physician may also recommend that you apply lubricant to your vaginal walls so as to avoid painful intercourse. Estrogen supplements are normally taken for a lengthy period of time, but physicians may advice that you take low doses if you witness any side effects.

Making some healthy lifestyle changes can also help in dealing with estrogen deficiency, especially when it cause low female libido. You will need to consume more protein rich foods, because they contain essential amino acids that can help regulate your hormone levels more effectively. Vitamin and micro-mineral rich fruits and vegetables are also recommended because they strengthen the immune system and help in regulating blood pressure especially when your body is affected by some symptoms of fluctuating hormonal levels. Taking some herbal supplements such as Gingko Bilbao for instance has been linked with enhanced sexual appetite, hence such can compensate for low Estrogen supply. You need to engage in regular physical activities to ensure that blood supply to your organs are increased.

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