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Sex Drive Stealer: Hysterectomy

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Many people believe that Hysterectomy treatments may affect female libido because it cause significant alteration in the effectiveness of the nerves of the vaginal , hence more women believe the surgical procedure can affect response to sexual intercourse, whereas , medical experts believe such response occur as a result of psychological predisposition to the treatment. Hysterectomy is the surgical extraction of the uterus, and this removal may cause some long-term irreversible and life-changing effects, the procedure may involve the removal of ovaries, and it is believed that it is an operation that may lower female libido because the contractions occurring in uterine orgasm cannot occur when the uterus has been removed.

During Hysterectomy , the vaginal become shortened, and this may result in a decrease in its natural elasticity- a condition that can trigger low female libido because many women wouldn’t find it easy to have intercourse any longer. Some women may start rejecting sexual advances from their men after Hysterectomy procedures, and this can lead to a strain in their relationships. Loss of uterine orgasm is quite common after Hysterectomy but that doesn’t mean it is a general situation for every woman who undergoes the procedure. Some women often say that their uterine orgasm prior to surgery are quite higher than average, however the vaginal wall contraction that occur after surgery triggers some significant loss of sexual feelings.

Dealing with Hysterectomy and low sex drive

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The fact that the ovaries and uterus of a woman are part of her endocrine system makes the issue of female libido more complicated when it comes to Hysterectomy. There is usually a physical loss of blood especially when the nerves supply blood to the uterus are severed during Hysterectomy , and this could be the reason why many women report loss of vaginal contraction after the surgery, however this issue can be resolved with the use of anesthesia before the operation. Anesthesia has been known to reduce the invasiveness of many surgical operations, hence the probability of the woman suffering from diminished sex drive after surgery is reduced significantly.

First of all, you need to allow your body return to its normal state or heal after Hysterectomy- this may take from several days to weeks , and within this period of time, you will be advised to abstain from any intercourse , to ensure that your vaginal contractions return to normal. You will require some time for your mental state to adjust to the new reality , but this does not rule out any possibility that your sex drive will be lowered. In most cases, doctors will recommend certain medications that can help tighten the vaginal walls and boost the flow of blood supply to the vaginal walls- this can be complimented with regular exercise that boost blood supply to your vital organs.

Aside medication and regular physical activities, you may have to work out some alternative sex position techniques with your partner in order to avoid causing more injuries to your healing vaginal walls- these techniques are quite safe and reduce chances of intercourse accidents.

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