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Libido-Boosting Food - Celery

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Celery for Great Libido

Do you love celery in your salad? The crunchy celery not only makes your meal more enjoyable but it is also plays the role of a powerful aphrodisiac. This fact surprises many people because most of us think that aphrodisiacs should always be something exotic and rare such as the rhino’s horn. It is rather difficult for many of us to associate the common celery with a libido booster.

Effects of celery on your libido

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Dieticians recommend celery because it is a low calorie and zero fat food that could make you feels full. Celery has very positive effects on your cardiovascular system. It regulates good blood flow. For good erection, you need to good blood flow to the male sex organ. Celery could help you here.

Increases sexual attraction

Celery contains two very important chemicals namely androsterone and adrostenol. What do these two chemicals do? These are emitted through male perspiration and acts as a sexual stimulant for women. So if you want to attract women then start including a generous portion of celery in your diet. When taken regularly, it is also said to improve your skin quality making you physically irresistible.

Energy booster

Celery has a good supply of potassium, which pumps instant energy into your body. By including celery salads in your lunch or dinner will make you a ball of energy even after a long tiring day. You will be able to impress your partner and she will admire your energy levels. Just because it is very easily available and accessible do not underestimate the potential of celery.

Good minerals in the right quantities

Celery contains the right minerals in the right quantities, which makes it a great libido booster. You will find important sex drive boosters such as potassium, sodium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

The best way to consume celery is the old-fashioned way. Consume it raw. Just a squeeze of lemon with a pinch of salt and pepper will make this crunchy leaf an excellent salad. You cannot find a cheaper libido booster than celery. You can find it in your local stores 365 days a year.

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