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Libido-Boosting Food - Honey

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You can experience less sexual joy all of a sudden after delivering your offspring. You may try a lot but fail to get your sex drive returned. Prolactin, which is responsible for your lactation is one of the massive killers of your libido. It reduces the production of Estrogen and Testosterone that result in dryness of vagina and lowered sex drive for women.

This can be an unavoidable physical condition for every woman although a female has some other alternatives to boost her libido by means of taking adequate food elements. The decrement of the production of prolactin can be controlled by receiving either medication or natural food items. For an instance, honey can be conducive for increasing the Estrogen which helps women do better sex. Eventually women who are under such physical conditions can overcome difficulties and start pleasing the male partner as well as get pleased at the same time.

Not many people are aware that honey is an aphrodisiac. Now that you have been given this knowledge, make the best use of this easily available food product to impress your girl in bed. What is important to note here is that you should go for the purest form of honey not some chemical concoctions and sugar solutions.

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Researches indicate that taking honey regularly will have positive effect on those men suffering from erectile dysfunction caused due to smoking.

Consuming honey can pump in a very high concentration of potassium, which is considered to give a quick energy boost to the body. If you are feeling low in energy, just two spoons of honey will give you that energy that you need to impress your mate in bed. In addition, honey comes loaded with carbohydrates. You will need a good shot of carbohydrates to make your sexual vigor last long as they are one of the best energy sources for your body.

Honey also contains Zinc though in low levels. Zinc boosts the male sex hormones and so is selenium, which again is found in low levels in honey. It is also noted that honey lowers the stress level. It has been observed that excessive stress is one of the causes of male impotence. Regular consumption of honey in this case could put you in good shape. The best part is that honey is absolutely side effect free as long as you are taking good quality, organic honey.

It has been noted that intake of honey increases the nitric oxide levels in the blood. This has a very positive effect on producing sustainable erections for a long time. The use of honey as an aphrodisiac is not just a recent phenomenon but it runs back to thousands of years of history though without the adequate scientific basis. However today we have enough scientific bases on the libido boosting effects of honey. To get the best results, you will need to get 100% natural honey. Always purchase your honey from trusted sources so that you could be sure of the quality of the honey and in turn, its libido boosting effects.

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