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Libido-Boosting Food - Vanilla

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Stress or fatigue is one of the most common reasons which results in lowered libido. Stress not only decreases libido but also lowers working ability of both men and women. Consistent stress can lead to a deeper frustration which causes financial and social dysfunctions, and subsequent feeling of lessened libido. Stress can eliminate and destroy individuals’ working plans as well as the unique designs and feelings for sex.

Constant stress can be more dangerous when it turns out to be prolonged frustration and consequently diminish even the strongest libido. Uncontrolled stresses can cause depression or/and mania and numerous mental apparatuses can stop working because of this. Postmenopausal females were found to have decreased sex drive while the stress was indentified the strongest issue for this, according to a study conducted in 2010. Stress can become fatal if not detected on time and can surprisingly reduce the sexual ability as well as lessens the ability of understanding the sex.

Is Vanilla Good For Your Sex Drive?

Vanilla is one of the most popular food-flavouring agents. Whether it is cakes or ice creams, vanilla is the favourite for most people. You should also know that vanilla is also a very good libido booster. Are you surprised? Yes, if you want to improve your sex drive then this sweet smelling pod could help you. Interestingly, the word vanilla has Latin origin, which means vagina.

Mood enhancer

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There is a strong association between aroma and mood swings. The whole concept of aromatherapy is based on this single premise. Vanilla has a very strong pleasant aroma and it elevates your mood. It is also a very powerful nerve stimulant, which helps you with arousal as well as increasing the intensity of sexual pleasure. There is a whole science behind how aromatic substances can influence your sex life and boost your libido.

Vanilla influences the central nervous system and amplifies the intensity of pleasurable stimuli thereby making heightening your sexual pleasure. If you have arousal issues or if you are constantly dissatisfied with the intensity of pleasure that you get out of your sexual experience then vanilla is the key to your happiness.

An aromatic way to boost your libido

When you are on the pursuit of boosting your libido, try to include vanilla based food. When we talk of vanilla, it is not the synthetic vanilla essence but the natural vanilla. Synthetic vanilla will not help you enjoy the required libido boosting benefits. Always go for natural vanilla pods to flavour your food. However, make sure that you are not going overboard with this aromatic substance because excessive use of vanilla could turn your food taste bitter.

According to studies, vanilla boosts the testosterone levels in men and thereby boosting the libido. Regular consumption of vanilla based food will have a very positive effect on your sex drive. One of the best things about using vanilla as a libido booster is that it not only increases the sex drive but it also heightens the pleasurable sensations. Go for it, why settle for less when you have the key to heighten the pleasurable sensations.

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