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Libido-Boosting Food - Berries

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Reduction of women’s sexual functioning and desires is caused by some hormones such as testosterone, progesterone, and Estrogen. In women’s cases hormonal changes usually drop the sexual desire and pleasure. Although there are medications that recover such physical shortcomings of women in most cases the prognosis depends on timely detection of hormonal changes. When it comes to getting the most out of libido a hormonal change can lessen women’s sexual pleasures.

Hormonal change can affect, control, or manipulate women’s menstrual cycle which however determines the commonality of sexual pleasures offered by women. Some hormonal changes might not affect women; again change in the level of hormone such as testosterone can be affective for female. Whenever these happen to women, it’s wise not to decide according to casual ideation but to follow expert physician’s advice.


If things are not going too well between you and your partner because of low sexual urge, then the time has come for you to look at one of the amazing means of treating low libido and changing the gear of your sex life. There is lots of healing that are obtainable from our natural foods. Among the natural foods that work on the sexual hormones are berries.

Types of berries and their connection with libido:

Black raspberries

These berries have been proven to improve women’s libido so much so that some experts who conducted a research from a health institute, Hippocrates health institute, West Beach in Florida, therefore, suggested that couples or people in love should take ten raspberries before they settle in for sex.


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I am yet to see anyone who does not like this beautiful sexy red fruit. It is known as lovers’ fruit because of its shape. This fruit is loaded with a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C. Looking at from a scientific point of view, vitamin C is ever refreshing and can help women become relaxed but responsive in bed.

Goji berries

This is a potent laden berry. Goji berries have been discovered to possess the ability to greatly improve libido. Did you know that in Asian countries, these berries were used as sexual tonic up to this moment? Goji berries do improve sexual appetite. This is possible because of Goji berries improve the testosterone level (the sex hormone), and heals any issue arising from low libido. They also improve wellbeing, stamina and mood which are highly needed for an optimal libido.

Acai berries

This berry is so effective in handling sex challenging issues that it is drank more than milk in Brazil. Yes I said it. They take it for the energy it gives almost instantly and who can argue that having enough energy is not needed for sex activities. This berry is rich in minerals, carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins. It greatly improves the libido and fuels the hormones for a healthy sex activity.

How to enjoy berries

It is not difficult to find ways to enjoy these berries. You can pop it into your mouth as you are watching a movie, add to your smoothies or simply make a juice out of. The idea that you do not necessarily need to cook it make it retain its entire nutrient.

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