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Libido-Boosting Food - Eggs

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Super-busy social life:

Despite you are getting the most out of your life being busy, sometimes, having a super busy lifestyle may cause you to lack the libido compared to other people. You need fun in your life and enjoy leisure from time to time. Getting overly busy can lead to having exhaustion, fatigue, undesirable stresses, and lack of having the time that you need to spare to please your partner. If you are not yet doing this, you may experience the shortage of intimate sex mood which means that your conjugal relationship is going to be taken lightly.

This is quite difficult to have adequate time with partner whenever you are reasonably busy. However, taking care of being with your partner can be a better option for you throughout your life other than being busy while dealing with other people in the society. Proper planning is required to make the most of utilizing time as well as getting rid of experiencing the shortage of libido.


As there is a popular saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, there is also a saying that an egg a day keeps all sexual worries away. Bird eggs, fish eggs and a few other eggs are known to be very rich in vitamins B5 and B6 which help to balance hormonal levels in humans. The hormone also fights off stress and gives you the vitality that an active sex life or improved libido calls for. Besides that, eggs signify rebirth and fertility so the claim that it improves sexual health may not be far-fetched.

Bird or chicken eggs which are also referred to as embryos can be very beneficial to your sex life whether you like it fried, boiled or just scrambled, you can be sure that it has the ability to give you energy especially when you are coming from a tiring day.

Eggs are rich sources of protein (amino acid) that gets you through a crazy romp between the sheets.

Having eggs can improve your sex life

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Eggs not only assist you to stay calmer during the sexual act, it goes the extra mile of driving away any form of anxiety that could be emanating from the uncertainty of dissatisfying intercourse. Having an egg before a sexual act can increase or heighten your pleasure during sex.

There are claims that when eaten raw, chicken eggs can enhance libido before a sexual act.

But wait a minute, have you heard about quail eggs and the wonders they do in stimulating and enhancing sexual hormones? They are capable of doing this because of their high level of cholesterol which is a chief source of formation of testosterone highly needed for a healthy sex life. Still wondering how this is possible? One quail egg most especially a Coturnix egg contains 76 milligram of cholesterol in a just a 9 gram weighing egg.

Is too much cholesterol not harmful?

Cholesterol found in quail eggs are not the harmful ones that you are asked to stay away from consuming much of it frequently. The one this egg contains is actually the one advocated for to stay healthy and have an active sex life. In comparison to some other helpful libido boosting components that relax the muscles and increase blood flow to the sexual part, quail eggs provide you with more testosterone naturally to increase libido and extended sex drive in.

A word of caution though!

In as much it is said to be alright to take eggs and especially quail eggs raw, caution must be taken to avoid contamination of the egg that could lead to other things. It must be protected from bacteria and debris and this demands that proper care be taken in storing the eggs, cleaning the eggs and also considering the age of the egg before one can take it raw.

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