` Libido-Boosting Food - Oysters 

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Libido-Boosting Food - Oysters

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Estrogen emptiness as well the lack of testosterone because of the menopause results in an alternation of sexual drive in woman’s body. Under menopausal conditions women may hardly get the feeling of arousal and become comparatively unresponsive to touching anything. Due to lowered supply of estrogen, usual blood supply to the vagina gets dropped causing insufficient vaginal lubrication and this makes the vaginal areas become too dry to allow women to feel comfort during doing sex.

Menopause causes other physical inconveniences and is associated with other symptoms of physical discomfort that literally affect sexing. Those include shortcomings with bladder control, disturbance in sleeping, anxiety or depression, etc. In a short, menopause causes women to have several drawbacks and become compelled to discontinue sexing over the period. Furthermore, women have massive stress during this period and ultimately face hurdles to have enough libidos.


If you have been missing the spark that used to be in your bedroom due to low sexual passion or urge and you want to know if there are natural ways to put things back to where to they used to be, then I am glad to tell you that oysters can help to a large extent in spicing things up between you and your partner. You might not like the slimy nature of this sea food (oyster), but there are more reasons than one you might reconsider eating it and maybe taking it raw.

I can sense you want to vomit at the thought of eating it raw. Oysters are sea foods gotten in the deep sea and can be very slimy and slippery in nature. For a very long time, they have been considered as one of the best natural remedy when it comes to sexual health and improvement.

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Why are oysters good for libido?

Because they are one of the sea foods family and sea foods are known to possess all necessary nutrients to help in boosting sex hormones. Not only that they have all the nutrients, these nutrients are many times more absorbable in the body than nutrients you find in non sea foods.

They are high in zinc and this has been proven to naturally extend libido and to supply dopamine which is a hormone that sends message to the brain’s reward and pleasure centre.

Studies done to prove the efficacy of oysters in improving libido

A study by the American and Italian scientists which was done to prove if indeed oysters were beneficial to sex health said there was a connection between this sea food and libido. In the study which was presented to the American Chemical Society, it showed that oysters with its mussel and clams release sex hormones in the body.

How are oysters eaten?

Some like to take oysters with shallots and a dash of red wine vinegar, others prefer it with a squirt of lemon, others with a drop of tobacco. Oysters can be steamed shortly to try to maintain its nutrient, but the best way to maximize its sexual health benefits is to eat it raw. Just slurp it from the shell and enjoy. So next time you are at the supermarket or restaurant, make sure oyster is included.

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