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Libido-Boosting Food - Nuts

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Parenting is a great job for sure although it may affect you physically and psychologically. Furthermore, parenting can be a reason for low-sex drive for female despite it has no functional impact on any hormonal level of individuals. When you persistently take care of your baby there will be time whenever you can’t find the zeal, energy, or moment to become close to your partner. You can hardly think you are free from the distraction of mind caused by sudden disturbance as soon as you have child.

Parenting can affect your sex desire even if you perfectly plan for having secure intercourse with your partner. Mostly, your care for your baby can’t allow you to solely think of sexing as long as you stay together and your baby needs something from you or doesn’t feel okay. This little disturbance might not spoil the peace of your mind, however; can sufficiently decrease your sex drive which is a determinant of your entire sexual performance with your partner.


When we hear or read about nuts and its heart friendly benefit we think that that is all it offers. Not many people are yet to realize the potency of nuts in boosting libido. There are varieties of nuts to choose from and the best part of it is that you can easily eat them roasted, frozen, added to your salad and a whole lot more ways. Ranging from Brazil nuts, almond, cashew, hazel, walnut to name a few, nuts can do wonders for those who want to rev up their sexual life.

What nuts are good for improved sexual health?

Brazil nuts:

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The first on the list would be the world acclaimed Brazil nuts. Have you wondered why female body builders consume these nuts frequently? It is because it is rich in testosterone which is a hormone that is good for building muscles, but also has great benefits for under the sheet activities. Testosterone is one of the major hormones that improves libido. With just daily handful of this nut, your partner’s desire for sex can greatly increase.

Brazil nuts are high in protein, fat and trace minerals. But let us look into other reasons you should eat them. Brazil nuts contain arginine which is a natural libido boosting component. Arginine is a kind of amino acid which allows women’s sensual part to get increased blood flow. Another sex hormone that this nut possesses is selenium. This hormone is an essential potent antioxidant and trace mineral.

Hazel, cashew, walnut and almond nuts:

Walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds are very rich in L-argine and this when converted becomes nitric oxide which over the years has been known for its sexual boosting help. The nitric oxide improves women’s sex life by increasing the responsiveness of the physical areas that are involved in women’s sexuality. Again, this L-argine helps oxygen to be transported to organs in faster pace. The result is a great sexual performance that lasts longer.

The almond and cashew nuts are rich in zinc and this is another nutrient that helps improve energy, mood and libido.

How to incorporate nuts into your daily life

You can eat nuts in a variety of ways. You can add a handful of these nuts mixed together into your salad, cereals, desserts or you can even eat it from the fridge frozen. Aim for the unsalted and organic nuts for the best results.

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