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Libido-Boosting Food - Oatmeal

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Taking excessive sugar can kill sex drive because sugar intake can reduce the testosterone production and decrease the insulin while women confront irregular menstrual cycles. Sexual function in regard to achieving great satisfaction depends on the sexual drive one has. Sugar can help individual improve muscle mass and one can experience repercussion of lowered testosterone level.

This may increase the Estrogen hormone level being responsible of low sex drive as well as troublesome sexual functions. Sugar intake increases the release of leptin hormone which makes you cease on your appetite. Leptin compels your brain not to eat on usual occasions but, as soon as you consume sugar continuously, leptin stops working and you become leptin resistant resulting in that your brain does not hear leptin’s call. So, these are the disadvantages of taking excessive sugar that eventually offer you a low libido and comprehensive sexual dissatisfaction.

The Almighty Oatmeal

Oatmeal is called super food for a reason. It has been known basically for its ability to tackle and bring high cholesterol patients to normal in a little time. Some see it as a boring porridge for people that are not healthy, but I bet you will rethink your stance on this wholesome source of rich fiber.

How does oatmeal improve libido?

We are going to take a brief look into areas of the body that oatmeal works on when it comes to it sex enhancing benefits.

It gives a boost to your energy level

Because oats are high in carbohydrate and soluble fiber, it helps the body release energy very slowly. What this means is that for several hours, you can go on and on with your daily activities and still have enough strength for sexual performance.

Oats get you in the mood

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Oats sets the mood for sex. Due to its high level of manganese which is needed to fight off depression, you can easily get in the mood with a bowl of oatmeal porridge. When this nutrient is lacking in the body, the brain seizes to work optimally and can lead to depression which will make it impossible to have strong arousal or even the drive in the first place. Oats possess high levels of vitamin B6 that enables the brain produce chemical serotonin needed for better mood and to get enough sleep and rest needed for a healthy libido.

Fights high blood pressure and diabetes too

It is known that people suffering from high blood pressure have a hard time getting and maintaining strong sexual feelings. Oats are rich in soluble fiber like we mentioned above and this combined with the mineral and antioxidants it possesses, it helps in reducing high blood pressure. They also prevent diabetes by working to attain a balanced blood sugar level.

High blood pressure is one of the major causes of sexual dysfunctions but if you eat oats daily because it has the ability to reduce blood pressure due to the high levels of soluble fiber, antioxidants and minerals it contains. According to recent research studies, people that are suffering from diabetes and eat oats can get a balanced blood sugar level.

Improves blood flow to the sexual part

Due to the L-arginine (amino acid) contained in oats, which aids in the production of nitric oxide, women’s sexual part becomes more receptive and accepts blood quickly from the brain for sexual arousal and sensitivity. This allows for maximum pleasure.

Oats works wonders to boost testosterone

It contains a chemical compound called avenocoside which is very high in zinc. Zinc on the other hand enhances the production of testosterone, a sex hormone that is very important for strong and healthy libido.

Which oat to go for

Look for the steel-cut oats when buying and avoid processed oats that are filled with sugar.

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