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Libido-Boosting Food - Algae

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Sexual feelings of women are based on their emotional state which can be demolished by any illness. Physical illness directly affects stamina and the strength of psychological anticipation. Once someone becomes ill he/she hardly can think about doing sex on a persistent basis and even sometimes tries to get relief of this. Individuals who caught ailment can’t perform well satisfying a partner and can’t respond well to the sexual appeal given by partner.

Illness also creates negative energy around the subsequent environment while most people become discouraged to think about strong sex drive. With a view to nursing the patient people may gather into patient’s living room which causes other partner not to have adequate intimacy for doing sex let alone go for a pleasing sexual performance. When sexing is done in the middle of illness period both partners may become dissatisfied due to the lack of emotion, strength, and sexual desire.


There is this concern about healthy libido and how important it is for female. It can make or mar a relationship or marriage. Although there is no instrument to gauge the level of libido one should attain to prove one has the right amount of libido, however, a healthy libido is one that can be described as the ability to be easily aroused to have sex. Libido is affected by hormones. Where there is issue of hormonal imbalance, the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, hypothalamus, ovaries and tested which all play a role in sexual health can be affected.

Among foods that can positively affect and improve libido is the algae. This iodine rich content is very effective in making sure that the system, especially the thyroid gland which is a chief organ in maintaining a healthy female libido is functioning normally.

How algae helps in improving and maintaining libido

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Apart from the thyroid gland, there are other parts of the body that are neglected that plays major roles in ensuring that one maintains a healthy libido. This part is the kidney. The kidney system comprising of the bladder, the physical kidneys, bladder meridians and adrenal glands is responsible for the proper maturation, growth, sexual function, aging and fertility in humans. This is where the algae come into play.

Algae, especially the blue ones and also chlorella have been found to combat kidney toxicity. Having these added to our daily intake can rid the system of toxins and strengthen the kidney. Packed with omega fatty acids known as GLA is one the benefits of this awesome component called algae.

Nutritional value of algae

Algae are many of the times referred to as the miracle food because it can provide 20 times more protein per acre than other super protein foods like soybean. It is even 200 times higher in protein content that beef. Algae offer so much content and is very easy to grow. One benefit that makes it chosen among others is that is it easy to digest unlike other complex foods.

How can it be eaten?

You can find algae in a lot of sex and health enhancing drugs, but the best way is to consume it raw when your purpose is to get its sex enhancing benefits.

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