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Libido-Boosting Food - Aniseed

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Women, who are making use of IVF have the likelihood of showing reluctance in having sex and don’t want to be satisfied with their relationships. Women’s attitude towards their relationships may change over time because of their menstrual cycle caused by their hormones. In Vitro Fertilization causes women to become less interested in sex, since the entire process is usually initiated due to the infertility.

There is a psychological contrition between couple’s desire for natural sex and the dependence on artificial fertilization process with women who undergo IVF. Such psychophysical consequences are usually described to couples before they opt for IVF, however; in spite of being told couple bear the risk of having lowered libido and less enjoyable sexual attempts. That is why; IVF is not recommended to individuals who have relationship issues and have vulnerable relationship status.


Thinking about ways to boost your libido or sexual drive naturally ladies? Then you are in the right place. Aniseed is a fruit that originated from Asia Minor and Egypt which can also be harvested in warmer environment. The dry ripe fruits of this seed are many of the times collected during summer. This seed is rich in coumarins, fatty acids, sterols, volatile oils, proteins and carbohydrates, polymers of anethole, flavonoids, dianethole and photoanethole, and also contains phenylpropanoids. What makes aniseed an interesting seed is because of its belief by Romans and ancient Greeks that with its licorice taste, it can, to a large extent strengthen and increase a woman’s sexual health.

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How does it work as a sex stimulant?

Aniseeds are said to be aphrodisiacs, that is, they enhance or raise the desire to have sex. It does this by stimulating erogenous zones, relaxing every tense muscle, inducing passion and gives one the energy to go through with a sexual round. It is so potent and widely believed to set the mood for sex which was why it was added to wedding cakes to stimulate the ladies for the task of their wedding night.

Aniseeds working as estrogen to boost female hormone for better sex life

They have chemicals that work just like what estrogen does on a woman’s hormone. They regulate reproductive cycle, boost your mood (to get you ready for sex), increases libido. A reduction in the level of this hormone in the body considerably affects a woman’s sexual arousal. When you have low level of estrogen (which in this sense can be equaled with aniseed), female sexual dysfunction usually sets in. vaginal dryness which can lead to painful sex among others can hinder a woman’s ability to enjoy sex and this is what aniseed seeks to address. Did you know that a new study on women’s hormone showed that estrogen and not testosterone as previously thought is what increases the libido and gives the woman sexual urge?

Home preparation of aniseed

To make the juice of aniseed and enjoy without going to buy from the market, you will need to boil water, pour one cup of boiling water over l-2 teaspoonfuls of crushed anise seeds, the next step is to let it stand covered for 5 to l0 minutes. When you have made it, slowly drink the tea before meals. Chances are that you will move from going to the living room to the bedroom.

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