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Libido-Boosting Food - Pear

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Snoring can seriously disrupt sexual attraction and can be an undefined reason of freezing relationship between husband and wife. Snoring is a troublesome medical state and can become increasingly perturbing both in individual and social level. Because of snoring many couples sleep in separate bed resulting in initiating an ultimate relational separation. Since snoring can be a prestige issue to most persons, snorers eventually get low self-esteem, and decreased personality. On the other hand, snoring may reduce one’s sexual appeal which is very important prior to having the sexual intercourse. Sometimes, your partner wants to have sex at late night, but, snoring can even prevent him from doing it by creating undesirable sounds. Since a partner has to endure such awkward sounds on a consistent basis, they can even decide against sleeping under the same roof meaning that the marital relationship may get permanently broken.


It does not come as a surprise that this food can boost libido. Pears, especially avocados and prickly are very potent in increasing sexual urge.

Explaining these pears a little


Avocados because of their popularity in enhancing sexual health are taking Europe by storm which reports say they cannot get enough of. They have since considered it a sexual enhancer and stimulant and had to forbid their virgin girls from leaving home in time of avocado harvest for fear that they might become overpowered by the sexual power of this pear.

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In fact, they are said to be highly effective in increasing libido that Spanish catholic priests discouraged their members from partaking in it to avoid promiscuity.

It contains high level of folic acid that aids sick patients in their metabolism and in strength which is an important factor in improved sexual health and performance. This vegetable has been there before Viagra all other libido enhancing drugs came on board.

Avocado pear contains good levels of vitamin B6 that is very good in fighting stress in the body and revving up the energy needed in producing testosterone hormone. This pear is not just good for men, but also for women because of their high potassium content. They come with healthy fats that are very good for the heart too. So palpitation that may arise from a wild sex for those with high blood pressure can be taken care of if the person takes his or her daily portion of avocado.

Prickly pear:

This may not have gained so much prominence in the list of libido enhancing food, but it has certainly proved its worth and powers. These pears called prickly pear are also known as Nopal cactus. They may not appear like the sister who has oily makeup, but new research is proving that this pear surpasses even what the avocado can do for sexually inhibited people.

It has been studied scientifically, academically and medically to back the claim that is very potent in boosting libido. It comes with the best amino acids, vitamins and minerals than any other plant and therefore, is a great and natural alternative to solving low sexual problems.

How you can add to your daily food intake

You can easily eat your avocado pear with your salad or eat them alone. The prickly pear are mostly made into powder and added into drinks and meals.

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