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Women and Low Sex Drive or low female libido

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Female sexual health has long been disregarded by researches all over the world. Even to this day very little research or data exists on low female libido and sexual drive.

A womens libido is multifaceted unlike that of a man. A multitude of factors are at play and require harmonious interplay to achieve a satisfying sexual experience for women.

It is said optimum female libido exists only frequently in a womans life and every woman faces sexual difficulty in her life. Emotions, hormones and necessary physical attributes influence female sexual libido all through life.

Low female libido occurs when one of the many factors deplores them from the balance. Low female libido over a period of time accentuates sexual dysfunction.

Sex being a complex subject for women in relationships, the individual associated emotions with sex and sexual experience, play an important role in the ability towards finding pleasure from sex. Low female libido can occur from associated negative emotions like guilt and inadequacy with sex. 

Body image issues of the self can hamper sex drive and manifest as lack of desire. Low female libido is basically characterized by lack of sexual desire.

Low female libido is manifested in many ways similar to sexual dysfunction. The inability to achieve orgasm, the difficulty to maintain arousal during intercourse and pain while indulging in sex are ominous signs of sexual dysfunction.

The repeated occurrence of unpleasant sexual experience from sexual dysfunction further adds to low female libido or decreased libido.

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It is said, for all women sex begins in the mind. If the mind is turned off or occupied elsewhere, there is no libido. Everyday stress, emotional baggage from the past and physical lethargy can cause low female libido in the modern women.

Lifestyle changes from Childbirth, menopause and breast-feeding also influence the female libido. Low female libido can also occur from the use of prescription medications. Prescription medications like antihistamines, antidepressants and antihypertensives affect sexual health.

Antihistamines dry up female genital areas as a side effect. Less lubrication of the vagina as an aftereffect from these prescription medications leads to pain during intercourse. Hormonal irregularities affect sexual drive and also cause low female libido.

A woman generally requires a longer time with arousal to achieve orgasm. Often quite a long time of effort with arousal along with lubrication is necessary for painless intercourse.

Further time and effort is necessary for a woman to achieve orgasm. As an orgasm can be elusive to attain for a woman, the known difficulty does deter the sexual ability of many women.

Low female libido can be seen with underlying conditions like vaginal dryness, arousal sexual disorder and associated infections. Arousal sexual disorder is when there is no arousal experienced by the woman from sexual stimulation. In few instances, although there is arousal, it doesnt seem to last through the entire sexual act.

Vaginal dryness is said to be the primary factors that cause low female libido. Although occasional vaginal dryness is common every month varying with the female menstrual cycle, long-term recurrent vaginal dryness can affect sexual pleasure. 

Alternate prescription medications that do not cause vaginal dryness are advised to women to ward off low female libido. Thus low female libido is an entity unto itself and complex to decipher for cure.

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