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Some Common Foods That Increase Female Libido

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Libido is known as the sexual drive. The word has been derived from a Latin term which means desire and lust. A female libido depends on a proper balance of factors like hormones and emotions.

Low libido in females is the absence of sexual desire due to some physical or emotional stress. The hormonal changes in a womans body after delivery and during menopause bring her libido level down.

Even stress, depression and anxiety are also some common reasons that cause a woman lose interest in sexual activities. There are a lot of foods that increase female libido and may help you regain your sexual pleasures.

Your low libido may be boosted with the intake of the right type of foods. This would help you in rebuilding your sex drive. Lets have a look on the common foods that increase female libido:

1) Avocado: This is considered an aphrodisiac and in old days was associated with fertility. It contains good amount of folic acid that helps to metabolize proteins. This boosts your energy levels and is one of the important foods that increase female libido.

Avocados also have Vitamin B6 which helps in producing sex hormones. It contains potassium too that helps in regulating the thyroid glands in women. This enhances the sex drive in women.

2) Oysters: They contain dopamine, a hormone to increase the libido level. They have also high levels of zinc which raises the secretion of sex hormones in your body.

3) Bananas: They are good source of Vitamin B and potassium which increases the bodys energy level. They are also vital for production of sex hormones in a females body.

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4) Almonds and nuts: They are another major source of foods that increase the female libido containing essential fatty acids. It is believed that the smell of almonds arouse passion in females. The fatty acids help in keeping the bodys vascular system healthy. 

5) Eggs: This is one of those foods to increase female libido that are high in Vitamin B5 and B6. It not only helps to fight against stress but also balances hormones in your body. Keeping you stress free with proper hormonal balance are two very important factors for a healthy libido.

6) Figs: Fig is also among those foods that increase female libido and are rich in amino acids, the small units of proteins. Researchers believe that they increase libido level and improve your stamina for healthy sex.

Its shape and juicy taste makes it an aphrodisiac and increase the senses for sex.

7) Chocolates: They are not only good in taste but contain phenyl ethylamine which is a chemical compound for producing jovial feelings, happiness and euphoria.

It gives a good boost to your energy level as it also contains ingredients that are similar to caffeine. So, it is a good source of foods that increase female libido.

8) Asparagus: It is high in Vitamin E which is thought of as the sex vitamin. The shape of the asparagus also acts as a booster for libido. It compensates the deficiency of sex hormones estrogen which in turn helps in improving the libido level in women. 

Nature has given us many valuable sources of foods that increase female libido so that the sex drive is increased and puts you in a good mood.

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