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Top 5 Female Libido Enhancer Pills Comparison Table

Ranking #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Top 5 Provestra Her
LavaPills Nym
Goat Weed
Medical Backings


No No No No

4.8 / 5

4.6 / 5 4.5 / 5 4.1 / 5 3.9 / 5

4.7 / 5

4.4 / 5 4.2 / 5 4.1 / 5 3.7 / 5

4.9 / 5

4.6 / 5 4.2 / 5 4.0 / 5 3.5 / 5
Free Bonuses Yes No No No No
Guarantee 60
Review Read Read Read Read Read

Top 5 Female Libido Enhancer Pills

1. http://www.provestra.com/

#1 Female Libido Enhancer Pill: Provestra

If your sex life has nose dived, its time you save it since it might fade off like some barren wasteland.

Womens sexual life is affected by very many things, the major one being hormonal imbalance. Provestra works on stabilizing your hormones which in return improves your sexual intimacy and contact.

Sometimes you would blame yourself while its not your fault. You can boost your performance by using Provestra. It boosts the sexual urge while improving and rekindling the sensation. Provestra targets the women between the ages of 25 to 60 and its very effective and safe.

It is made from natural ingredients whose selected ingredients work mainly on sexual abilities.
Provestra female libido booster can be used along side other enhancing drugs like vigorelle cream for better results.

However Provestra is not instant and might take a day or few hours to take effect and after that you will be dripping wet ready for the occasion. After that experience the dryness problem and the hormonal imbalance becomes a forgotten experience.

Your performance improves and your partners passion increases especially during foreplay which would be an electrifying and wild moment which will lead you to the most intense and sincere climax of your life.

Note that Provestra and other enhancements are not recommended if your sexual life is okay but if you have a problem with sex life them this is a solution. Provestras effects and experiences may vary from one person to the other. Life wouldnt be much better without it. Working out will give you best result since its a natural energizer.

Click Here To Visit Provestra Site

Provestra Summary
User Rating 9.9
Results 4.8 / 5
Speed 4.7 / 5
Ingredients Top Quality
Quality Excellent
Reputation Excellent
Customer Support Outstanding
Free Bonuses Yes
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days
Overall Rating 9.9

2. http://www.hersolution.com/

#2 Female Libido Enhancer Pill: HerSolution

Lack of Sexual interest in women has gone down while that of men has been enhanced due to a variety of enhancers.

Sarcastically, its women who enhance mens satisfaction by reaching several orgasms, yet they are the ones who are neglected the most. Hersolution has come handy with women solution to help you reach your highest sexual heights.

If you are one of those who never reach your orgasm or never enjoy sex, then you might be suffering from anorgasmia without your knowledge. There are two forms of orgasmia namely; primary and secondary orgasmia.

Primary orgasmia is a state where by orgasm has never been reached while secondary refers to patients who used to orgasm in the past but no longer orgasm. Most recent research has revealed that more than twenty percent of women have never orgasmed on their own or with the help of a partner.

Forty to sixty percent dont reach their climax frequently leaving forty five to fifty percent of women not satisfied sexually. Dont suffer silently since hersolution is capable of reversing this condition.

Communicating with you partner is a key solution to some of the sexual problems especially if they are stress related. By communicating, you will be able to find a solution which in return will ease stress. Although its possible to solve it through dialogue its important to also know that some problems might need enhancements.

Before using hersolution, its wise to consult the doctor and identify incase you have any problem which might be causing the problem since anorgasmia can be caused by an illness or a condition.

Hersolution is an oral enhancement made from herbs and natural ingredients which help in boosting womens sexual life. It re-ignites the desire by raising the blood flow into the clitoris which triggers vaginal lubrication naturally. More than other enhancing products, hersolution offers up to six months guarantee. 

Click Here To Visit HerSolution Site

HerSolution Summary
User Rating 9.8
Results 4.6 / 5
Speed 4.4 / 5
Ingredients Top Quality
Quality Excellent
Reputation Excellent
Customer Support Excellent
Free Bonuses No
Money Back Guarantee 6 Months
Overall Rating 9.7

3. http://www.buylavapills.com/

#3 Female Libido Enhancer Pill: Lava Pills

For a long time Sex has been the mens pleasure and womens duty. Its time it became pleasurable to both men and women.

Research shows that only twenty five percent of women enjoy their orgasm during intercourse while men dont realize it.

Women should be able to explain their partners so that a solution can be arrived at since libido lowers with age. The solution could be easy or complicated depending on the problem. You might be stressed during intercourse making your mind to drift.

A healthy balanced lifestyle is the better option to a good sex life. Eating a balanced diet, exercising, solving any pending problems, having enough rest and creating enough quality time for one another would sound simple but its the remedy to having a healthy sex life.

There are past incidents like rape that cant be wished away and counseling happens to be the best solution. Before using Lava libido enhancer your condition has to be assessed and ascertained so that you can get the right solution to the problem.

Loss of libido can be related to various reasons that need a doctors attention before deciding on which enhancing supplements to take. Lava contains ingredients which are unique and play different benefits in the body.

The ingredients are scientifically researched and recommended by naturopathic medial personnel as the better female enhancing option. Lava pills improve womens sexual and reproductive health by increasing the libido by clitoral arousal and lengthening the orgasm.

It is known to lower stress levels especially after a hectic and gruesome day. Lava pills offer a sixty day guarantee to its customers who are assured of maximum pleasure. The pills might react differently depending with the body condition. Incase of high blood pressure, pregnancy or lactating women, its ideal to seek advice from the doctor before using the pills.

Click Here To Visit Lava Pills Site

Lavapills Pills Summary
User Rating 9.6
Results 4.5 / 5
Speed 4.2 / 5
Ingredients Top Quality
Quality Excellent
Reputation Excellent
Customer Support Excellent
Free Bonuses No
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days
Overall Rating 9.6

4. http://www.wishing.com/nymphomax/

#4 Female Libido Enhancer: Nymphomax Volume

Romance and sex life has been elusive for a long time due to lack of proper information. Registered and certified sex therapists play a very vital role in Sex and romance since they have a capability of reactivating it.

Its advisable to try all natural means possible before turning to sex enhancements since most of them have unpleasant side effects. Medical specialists recommend that regular exercise, enough rest and good nutrition are the best natural stimulant of all since the body has a natural regulatory system.

Sexual stimulants are often referred to as aphrodisiacs named after the Greek goddess of love. Nymphomax is a natural female plant-based sexual aphrodisiac that contains a blend of herbs which are designed to activate hormone production which triggers the increase of clitoral blood supply.

It increases stamina, improves sexual urge and gives multiple, powerful and stronger orgasms. Nymphomax female sex stimulant is safe and medically proven to have no side effects if the dosage is taken as prescribed, however reactions might vary from one person to the other.

The effects take place within an hour of ingestion and its effects increases with each dosage and continued use.  The Nymphomax dosage is three capsules which are taken with a meal and a glass of water and care should be taken not to exceed six capsules a day.

Its recommended that before using nymphomax just like other stimulants, a doctors advice is important just to ensure that you are free from any medical conditions like high blood pressure or allergic to the herb to avoid further complications.

Lactating or pregnant mothers should avoid this herb since it might trigger complications in the unborn baby or in the babys milk incase lactating. Nymphomax offers a ninety day, one hundred percent, and money back guarantee from the date of purchase.

Click Here To Visit Nymphomax Site

Nymphomax Summary
User Rating 9.4
Results 4.1 / 5
Speed 4.1 / 5
Ingredients Top Quality
Quality Excellent
Reputation Excellent
Customer Support Excellent
Free Bonuses No
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days
Overall Rating 9.4

5. http://www.hornyfast.com/

#5 Female Libido Enhancer: Horny Goat Weed

Sexual experience is great when both partners share the same feelings during intercourse.

Since it takes two to tango, Horny Goat Weed for women has come to fill the gap that has not been filled for a long time.

An herb identified as epimedium Horny goat weeds history goes back over one hundred years back in China when a goat herder noticed persistent and intense sexual behavior in goats. The goats became very sexually active after feeding on a particular weed which later adopted the name horny goat weed.

This weed has been used as a stimulant for one hundred years in improving sexual performance and desire. Horny goat weed inhibits enzymes found in the brain which are associated with sexual awakening.

It treats female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and improving sexual fulfillment by boosting sexual desire by increasing the flow of blood in the vaginal blood vessels, labia and clitoris.

Horny goat weed in women has been very effective in treating menopause related symptoms such as vaginal dryness, orgasmic disorder, sexual arousal disorder and pain during sex. It is known to treat liver, kidney, back and joint disorders. The weed is also used as a universal energy booster.

This happens to be the most researched herb and its stimulant effects especially in human and animals. Other than horniness effects, there is a mild to modest effects reported after five days of horny goat weed usage, however this might vary. Lactating and pregnant women are advised keep off the horny goat weed.

The herb is available in capsule and tablets form. The recommended dosage is one capsule which is 100 mg which should be taken between thirty to forty five minutes before sex.
The horny goat weed for women offers a sixty day one hundred percent money back guarantee from the date of purchase.

Click Here To Visit Horny Goat Weed Site

Horny Goat WeedSummary 
User Rating 9.2
Results 3.9 / 5
Speed 3.7 / 5
Ingredients Top Quality
Quality Very Good
Reputation Average
Customer Support Averaget
Free Bonuses No
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days
Overall Rating 9.1

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