We Reviewed The Top Female Libido Enhancers On The Market!

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Top 5 Female Libido Enhancer
Gels/Creams/Oils Comparison Table

Ranking #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Top 5 Vigorelle Her
Maxoderm Connection Female RX Oil Valentra
Medical Backings?


No No No No

4.9 / 5

4.7 / 5 4.5 / 5 4.2 / 5 3.9 / 5

4.8 / 5

4.5 / 5 4.3 / 5 4.3 / 5 3.9 / 5

4.9 / 5

4.7 / 5 4.5 / 5 4.1 / 5 3.8 / 5
Free Bonuses Yes No Yes No No
Guarantee 2
Review Read Read Read Read Read

Top 5 Female Libido Enhancer Gels/Creams/Oils

1. http://www.vigorelle.com/

#1 Female Libido Gels/Creams/Oils: Vigorelle

It's a fact that women are often the ones who are responsible for most of the day to day running of the household. If you're anything like this then there is a solution.

Women should not let their busy lives drain all the pleasure out of their relationships. With the little tube of Vigorelle cream you can instantly rekindle your spark.

Note that Vigorelle is not really designed as a personal lubricant, although it certainly can help in getting you moist. It is a light cream containing natural ingredients that act as an aphrodisiac to increase intimacy with your partner and enhance your sexual experiences.

You simply apply the cream directly to your clitoris. Even better you get your partner to do the applying. The cream is also completely edible, so if you were feeling exploratory you could see if he would apply it with something other than his fingers!

You will instantly feel the stimulating effect, and then all you have to do is enjoy the intense mind busting orgasms that are sure to follow. The splendor of Vigorelle is that it is a pure natural product containing many botanical compounds, such as Damiana Leaf, Motherwort and Wild Yam.

It provides stimulus through natural ingredients, unlike many other chemical based products, which cause stimulation through irritation, and could be quite harmful to the body. Why would any woman want to expose her most sensitive and intimate parts of her body to any product that would do that? You are assured to be completely safe with Vigorelle.

Vigorelle has no negative side effects since its an all-natural product. There is a slight itch after application however it is safe to use. Buy Vigorelle for yourself and open up a whole new world of bliss.

Click Here To Visit Vigorelle Site

Vigorelle Summary
User Rating 9.9
Results 4.9 / 5
Speed 4.8 / 5
Ingredients Top Quality
Quality Excellent
Reputation Excellent
Customer Support Outstanding
Free Bonuses Yes
Money Back Guarantee 2 Months
Overall Rating 9.9

2. http://www.hersolutiongel.com/

#2 Female Libido Gels/Creams/Oils: Prosolution Gel

For a long time women have never enjoyed sex as required since most men dont seem to understand the womans body.

Most women fake orgasms just to please their men while in reality they are hurting inside. Have you lost your female libido, dryness, stress or are you at your pre-menopause, menopause and hating your sexual life?

This is the worst feeling since it feels itchy and a burning effect with minor bleeding occurring during or after sex. Women feel pain when it comes to the intimate moments since female libido is quite challenging compared to erectile dysfunction in men which has a variety of solutions like Viagra and other enhancements.

As women age the sexual urge drops unlike men who maintain theirs. The bedroom experience has been challenging and agonizing since most women dont know of any solution to their sexual problems.

Some women have never orgasmed before and have no experience. If you are that woman then cry no more since there is a solution. Hersolution gel is a high grade sensual lubricant made from butters, vitamins and natural herbal essence that activates right away with human touch.

Compared to other female sexual enhancements, it gets rid of vaginal dryness and discomforts especially during sex. Hersolution gel helps to dilate the blood vessels which in return increase blood flow which triggers the libido intensifying your sexual urge.

Its advisable to talk to your doctor as you use this libido enhancing medication since vaginal dryness is caused by hormonal imbalance or a drop in estrogen levels or medical side effects or pending emotional issues that remain unresolved.

It could be some medical conditions like chemotherapy, sexually transmitted diseases, yeast infections and diabetes. So its very important to know the reason why you are in that condition and try to solve it before using any enhancement.

Click Here To Visit Prosolution Gel Site

Prosolution Gel Summary
User Rating 9.8
Results 4.7 / 5
Speed 4.5 / 5
Ingredients Top Quality
Quality Excellent
Reputation Excellent
Customer Support Excellent
Free Bonuses No
Money Back Guarantee 6 Months
Overall Rating 9.7

3. http://www.buyconnectionlotion.com/

#3 Female Libido Gels/Creams/Oils: Maxoderm Connection

Intimate moment and nights with your partner can be boring, excruciating and agonizing especially when one of you does not rise to the occasion nor has no urge.

This has led to partners cheating on their spouses. Intimacy plays a vital role in any relationship since it ties you together.

Male and female libido differ due to hormone difference leaving you even more lost not knowing the right decision to take. Talking about our sexual weakness has been a taboo since we feared rejection from our partners, so instead we give all the excuses as to why we cannot get intimate.

Maxoderm is among the leading names in enhancements. This is unique because it serves both of you. Its unisex unlike most which just serve one partner leaving the other partner paining.

You dont have to buy different enhancements for both of you anymore. This is a natural gentle solution that gives an ultimate pleasure in the womans pleasurable spot. After using maxoderm connection the results are mind blowing and electrifying because you both go at the same pace since the components are the same.

Different enhancements differ in contents and quantities of stimulants so when both partners use different enhancements the tempo is different due to the difference of product.

Thanks to Maxoderm connection which has come up with a very interesting product for him and her which ensures compatibility with the same sensation and experience.

Any thrust guarantees an electrifying feeling with sexual arousal. Both women and men who had lost their sexual interest need not worry since there is hope for them. This product would give you a thrilling intense experience as if it is your first time.

Before using this product its important to know why you are not enjoying sex since some conditions require the doctors attention. So ensure that you see the doctor first before resulting to the enhancement.

As you use this product make sure you maintain good eating and exercising habits so as to keep your body strong. Maxoderm Connection has a knowledgeable customer support staff and has a ninety days money back guarantee.

Click Here To Visit Maxoderm Connection Site

Maxoderm Connection Summary
User Rating 9.6
Results 4.5 / 5
Speed 4.3 / 5
Ingredients Top Quality
Quality Excellent
Reputation Excellent
Customer Support Excellent
Free Bonuses Yes
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days
Overall Rating 9.6

4. http://www.femalesexoil.com/

#4 Female Libido Gels/Creams/Oils: Female RX Oil

If you are not fully satisfied with your sex life then its time you got a solution before it gets late.

You can be very compatible in all other things but your bedroom life is miserable making you feel apprehensive about your adorned marriage or affair. You might not be enjoying having sex with him.

Most women have a problem achieving orgasm or they are completely unsatisfied when making love to their partners. Female RX Oil is not just a lubricant but a sexual goddess when it comes to female sexual enhancement since it has a very powerful arousal effects.

Anytime it gets in contact with your delicate spots you will experience the pleasurable sensation never like you ever felt before. It prepares you for that moment that you have died for and after he penetrates with few thrusts you will not help having a mind blowing intense climax. This will not only satisfy you, but it will be very pleasing for your man.

This lubricant is scientifically tested and proven to be ideal for usage. Female RX Oil will enable you have sex more often since it will spark the fire in you that had gone off since it keeps you getting better and better.

Some lubricants found in the drugstores would be such a flop leaving you disappointed and feeling greasy. Female RX Oil is water based and non sticky. Consult your doctor before using this lubricant to ensure that it doesnt react with you since reactions vary with individuals.

Also try find out why you dont enjoy sex without lubricants since this will be the lasting solution to your sex life. However for more satisfying results always exercise, keep fit and maintain a well balanced diet which will play a big role in your natural sexual life.

Click Here To Visit Female RX Oil Site

Female RX Oil Summary
User Rating 9.4
Results 4.2 / 5
Speed 4.3 / 5
Ingredients Top Quality
Quality Excellent
Reputation Excellent
Customer Support Excellent
Free Bonuses No
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days
Overall Rating 9.4

5. http://www.valentra.com/

#5 Female Libido Gels/Creams/Oils: Valentra

Proper exercising and a balanced diet happen to be the best way forward for a healthy sex life. However maintaining this healthy lifestyle is not easy especially for women.

Sex in women needs a specialized attention since age and hormones play a major role. You might be experiencing a great sex life then suddenly the sexual urge disappears or it declines with time.

You are left feeling that you should never have sex anymore since there is no desire. This condition does affect the relationship in a home or with your partner since sex is considered as a therapy. If you have reached that point then its time you discovered the magic of Valentra since it will take you back to your better or younger days.

Valentra cream awakens the sexual urge that you were worried about which takes less than two minutes. A number of creams contain chemicals which irritate after using, but Velantra cream doesnt since its prepared from natural products.

It might be scary to start using creams if you have never tried but the results are great. Valentra cream raises the sexual arousal bar and the flame comes back to life.

Apart from raising your sexual urge the cream leads to one of the best sexual encounters ever experienced. It stimulates by every touch of your body leaving you wanting. The powerful and strong feeling leads to a very satisfying orgasm ever experienced.

The aftermath of Valentra is great since it awakens the libido and gives you the sex life that you never knew you had. To fully enjoy the pleasures of this cream and other enhancing creams its wise to seek an advice from you doctor since some herbs used might trigger some allergic reactions. Velantra offers a sixty day guarantee.

Click Here To Visit Valentra Site

Valentra Summary 
User Rating 9.1
Results 3.9 / 5
Speed 3.9 / 5
Ingredients Top Quality
Quality Very Good
Reputation Average
Customer Support Averaget
Free Bonuses No
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days
Overall Rating 8.9

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